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Project Title: Extract Financial & Company Information verified from Otcmarkets.com

Project Description:
Hi, I am looking to download the latest balance sheet for all the companies that are carried on web and get it verified from this website. I can send you a sample excel to show what I am looking for. The process includes 2 steps:

1) Download the ticker for each company that is carried on the website – There are over 9,000 companies

2) Download the latest balance sheet for each of those companies. The excel should include a column for each company and a row for each balance sheet item. Below is the link for the website. Please contact me with questions or provide me with an email that I can send the sample excel to.


Please find a sample excel attached. In the excel, I completed step 1 for 20 companies and step 2 to step 4 for 1 company. Let me know if this makes sense. Thank you so much.

Step 1:
On the stock screener page, type in “0.01” for the minimum price then hit go. This should give you 9,171 companies. Download each company along with the first 6 columns in the table that is shown.

Then do step 2 to step 4 for each of the 9,171 companies.

Step 2:
Search for each company using the stock symbol in the search box in the upper left. Download the “Average Vol (30d)”. Put this number into a separate column in the excel file.

Step 3:
Click on the company profile. Download “Market value” and “outstanding shares”

Step 4:
Click on the Financials tab. Then click on balance sheet. Then download each row of the latest balance sheet. Put this data into columns in the excel.

For similar project requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 6 years ago Jacqueline Ray

    I would need company’s data , webpages, email, telephone, industry, subcategory, employees, estimated sales, address, services offered, description of company, . All the company profile data available in mfg.com

  • 6 years ago YOLANDA PETERS

    We want to scrape few of business categories from cylex.com.au. Can you help us?

  • 5 years ago River HOLT

    Will you be able to complete the task in given timeline? What will be your rate for data scraping from localbusinessguide.com.au ?


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