Monitor Retailer Websites – Deals / Discounts Details

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Deals / Discounts Details Scraping

Project Title:
Monitor Retailer Websites – Deals / Discounts Details

Project Description:
We would like to keep informed of all the deals/discounts running at major retailers online in specific locations in the US (please find below the list of retailers and the location that we would like to track).

It is very important for us that we are able to get complete information i.e. we cannot miss any deals offered by retailers online.

Main retailers to track (a total of 50 retailers):

  • Acmemarkets.com
  • Albertsons.com
  • Aldi.com
  • Bi-lo.com
  • Bugy.com
  • Citymarket
  • Cvs.com
  • Familydollar.com
  • Dollargeneral.com
  • Fredsinc.com
  • Harristeeter.com
  • Jewelesco.com
  • Marsh.net
  • Petco.com
  • Petsmart.com
  • Qfc.com
  • Shoprite.com
  • Walmart.com
  • Walgreens.com
  • Winndixie.com
  • Vons.com

Roughly around 40,000 locations (in total) for all the above retailers.

The vendor is supposed to monitor the retailer websites for new ad, if new ad is found it should be extracted and shared it with us. The checks need to happen on a daily basis (once a day).

Its very important that the ads are not missed and that all locations are checked for ads, retailers may release ads only for a specific set of location e.g. if CVS.com has 1000 locations, they may release an ad only for 100 locations. So, its important to check all 1000 locations for any new ad release.

We are interested to receive the deals these retailers are offering for each unit of item e.g. if they are offering a discount on a pack of item e.g. a pack of 6 beers, then we actually need to know what’s the price they are offering for each bottle of beer.

Attaching the sample output of how the ads data is to be sent to us, for each side.


1. Data files for each website (Sample is attached)
2. Security: Whenever any site blocks the scripts, vendor has to handle it and ensure that we get the data on time
3. Script changes: Whenever any website changes, and the script need to be fixed, the vendor will handle the changes and ensure that we get the data on time
4. QA: Vendor has to ensure that the data shared is accurate, we will do a QA at out end, however the initial check has to be done by the vendor, so that if the data has to be extracted again, it should be done as quickly as possible to ensure that we get accurate data.
5. Timeline: When a new ad is released, we need to get that data within 4hrs.
6. Schedule: The locations for each website will change week to week, so we will share with vendor the locations at the start of the week and they will download the data for those specific locations and share the data with us.
7. Locations: The locations may not match 100% with the locations listed on the website e.g. “Street” may be spelled as “St.” on the website, vendor has to ensure that the data is still shared for the correct location (we can provide the vendor with correct locations if they share with us the mismatching addresses)
8. Costing: We will need a complete monthly cost considering that the number of locations will remain constant. We cannot work with variable cost, so kindly quote a fixed monthly costing to handle the complete project and infrastructure on your own.

Special Notes:

– This data should be sent on the same day as the ad released throughout the year (be it weekends or holidays)
– The data should be accurate as there are teams at our end do the quality check and to ensure the correct data is loaded into our systems.
– Websites dynamisms should be handled at the data scrapping end effectively so that there won’t be delay in data deliveries. So even if any website changes, or they block scrapers, we still data on the same day, so vendor has to have provisions to handle this on their end without effecting the deliveries.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 6 years ago Nancy R.

    Will be able to retrieve Grocery Stores from dexknows.com? Please let us know quote for the same.

  • 6 years ago APRIL BURNS

    Please let us know what do you offer if we are supposed to scrape deals from Groupon.

  • 6 years ago Melissa Martin

    I want to collect eCommerce product information for specific list of categories from forever21.com. Will you do it?

  • 5 years ago Ezra LUCAS

    We need someone who can perform daily extraction for us from coupons or deals website: retailmenot.com and generate daily excel file.


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