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Getting data from Leafly.com is no longer difficult. All the data is really important, so you can easily scrap it with Leafly Data Scraping and Leafly Scraper services under WebScrapingExpert. Leafly is an information aggregator for cannabis. We are one of the leading web scraping companies providing services in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, France, Spain and Germany at affordable prices.

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We Are the Best Web Scraping Service Provider in the USA
We, at WebScrapingExpert, take care of all our clients’ requirements to deliver world-class data extraction services and build a long-term business association with them. As you join us, you will get cutting edge technological solutions with a continuous data scraping process and productive data mining which is robust and scalable in nature.

Leafly – Health, Wellness Website and the World’s Largest Cannabis Information Resource
Leafly is the world’s largest resource for cannabis information. The company makes finding the right strains, products and where to get them quick, simple and as convenient as possible. Leafly is the destination for finding out about cannabis use and education. Over 100 million people make Leafly their source of information on weed per year, which has 10 million active users on a monthly basis. Leafly is the world’s most popular resource for cannabis products, where you can find information about strains and where to order them in seconds. Leafly has more than 100 million visitors every year and over 10 million monthly active users.

Leafly is the world’s most popular resource for cannabis products, where you can find information about strains and where to order them in seconds. Leafly is a website that focuses on cannabis. They say they have more than 120 million visitors and over 10 million users per month. Leafly is the world’s cannabis resource and marijuana app, where you can learn about pot, order weed online, review strains.

List of Data Fields
• Dispensary Name
• Cannabis Name
• Address
• Menu
• Items
• Price
• Media Details
• About
• Amenities
• Announcement
• State License No.
• Reviews
• Reviewer Details
• Star Ratings
• Descriptions
• Website URL
• Phone
• Email
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Instagram

Leafly Data Scraping
Leafly offers growth by leaps and bounds as more states are adopting medical use or legalization of marijuana. If you are working in this field or want to market it, then try WebScrapingExpert Professional Leafly Data Scraping. Our web scraping service process for you is too complicated to promote our customers as the only leafly scraper. That’s why we provide an easy way for customers to Leafly.

Leafly is an information aggregator for cannabis. They maintain a profile for most of the dispensaries in the state. With WebScrapingExpert, you can scrape the following features from a Project & Leafly website for each dispensary to study and make predictions about what drives the industry in the USA & Canada.

If you’re looking for an easy way to gather data from a website, WebScrapingExpert is the best choice. It’s to use and you can easily get Weedmaps Data Scraping by using our WebScrapingExpert! With cannabis becoming more and more legalized in the world, weedmaps.com has gained popularity as a go-to site for information on marijuana dispensaries and their products. For example, websites like weedmaps.com have user reviews, menu descriptions, and product descriptions! That’s why we’ve put together this incredibly affordable service that scrapes data from weedmaps.com!

• Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
• Dispensaries Weed Deals and Sales
• Deals
• Strains
• CBD Products
• Doctors
• Cannabis

Leafly Website Data Scraping Services
Getting the data you’re looking for from the Leafly website was by far the most difficult and complex task during this prediction project. To scrape it, you will need to hire a web scraping company like WebScrapingExpert.

• You can find the average customer rating and the number of customer reviews.
• Our Leafly Scraper goes through each individual dispensary profile and can easily scrape the specific data of interest available there.
• May scrape data including number of products under Inventory Counts as described under “Flowers”, “Edibles”, “Concentrates”, etc.
• Obvious attributes, such as whether the store is accessible to the ADA or has an ATM onsite.
• Can easily scrape metadata like name, address, phone, website, email, social media etc.

Recreational pot is not illegal, but medical marijuana is. Likewise, this makes it difficult to find dispensaries that are open and authorized to sell marijuana locally. Pot dispensaries don’t advertise their locations or hours of operation on social media or other mainstream outlets. But with our Marijuana dispensary scraping service, you can give yourself access to all the data that you need, so you have a much easier time finding the information you want.

Leafly Scraper
Getting data from Leafly.com is no longer difficult. All the data is really important, so you can easily scrape it with the Leafly Scraper services of WebScrapingExpert. You can use Leafly Scraper, which is easy and economical to retrieve publicly available data from Leafly. With Leafly Scraper, you can quickly scrape whatever data you need from Leafly and have the structured data in a spreadsheet (Excel, CSV, XML, Email, HTML, JSON, or API. With Leafly Scraper you can decide how to send data such as: web hook, email, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP or via API.

Leafly Scraper – Key features:
• Leafly data scraping without coding – easy to use.
• Leafly Scraper all-in-one platform is integrated with our industry-leading proxy network.
• Uses proprietary site unlocking technology.
• Adapt to site changes: Leafly Scraper will automatically optimize when Leafly changes its site structure.
• It is infinitely scalable and can quickly and completely collect as much data as you need.
• Our Leafly Scraper is fully compliant with industry best practices and privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA).
• One of our Leafly Scraper uses the requests library to scrape reviews from Leafly.com. It also takes advantage of multi-threading through a multiprocessing library to accelerate scraping.

Dispensary List Scraping from Leafly
Leafly has this beautiful interface of map views and tiles, which are dynamically rendered and updated as you move the map or explore a new area. We provide web scraping services in top states of the USA like Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Leafly Competitors & Alternatives – USA
• Iheartjane.com
• Wikileaf.com
• Medicalmarijuanastrains.com
• Risecannabis.com
• Wayofleaf.com
• Medicaljane.com
• Weedmaps.com
• Verilife.com
• Allbud.com
• Sanctuarymed.com

Leafly Competitors & Alternatives – Canada
• Wikileaf.com
• Wayofleaf.com
• Allbud.com
• Lift.co
• Hytiva.com
• Herb.co
• Rollitup.org
• Pacificgrass.co
• Growweedeasy.com
• Growdiaries.com

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Why choose us for Leafly Scraper or Leafly Data Scraping Services?
• If you are working in or want to market Leafly in this area, then WebScrapingExpert provides professional Leafly.com data scraping services for you. As the sole Leafly Scraper, our scraping process is too complicated to promote to our customers. However, we may provide you with data from Leafly which we may have scraped instead.

• You can easily do Leafly Data Scraping from Leafly by using professional data scraping or data extraction services from Leafly.com WebScrapingExpert.

• Our Leafly Data Scraping and Leafly Scraper services allow fast data scraping and, thus, all our customers get millions of data from the database in a very streamlined format and can protect it properly.

If you are looking for the Leafly Scraper and Leafly Data Scraping services, then email us at: info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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