Is Web Scraping Helpful In Forecasting And Responding To Competitors’ Flash Sales?

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Reaction to Unexpected Price Drop:

It’s hard to determine a date when competitors will launch a flash sale and how long it’ll last. However, if the competitor launches their flash sale, they’ll make use of this tactic in their advertising campaign.

So businesses that advertise on platforms like Facebook and Google may drastically reduce the amount they spend, but increase the impact of their advertising in the long run. This is a concern for brands that don’t prepare soon enough. Tackling an untapped market without adequate information will not lead to success.

It is important to know how your pricing is adjusting in relation to competitors, and also to be able to forecast and take your own benefits from them.

Responding to Low-Priced Solutions: The Former Technique

The unfortunate truth is that price managers often take a reactive approach when it’s too late with regard to changing their prices and checking the prices of their competitors. Manually tracking competitors is arduous and costly and can take many hours to complete. To get the accurate information needed, by the time when adequate research is complete, the competitor has already gained momentum on its flash sale!

What Do Brands Do With Price Intelligence Data?

Pricing Intelligence allows managers to be alerted when a competitor increases production, so they can make pre-emptive moves.

Managers may plan ahead of an online competitor’s flash sale by using accessible data. By taking a careful look at the competing company’s product, advertising and website, managers can find ways to maximize profits and build loyalty with consumers. Finding out when and how to price promo events for products will help ensure customers are satisfied with the product being sold, as well as motivated to buy it sooner rather than later.

In a situation where they know a price change, managers have an ultimate decision to voluntarily involve themselves in the market if they choose or to remain on the sidelines.

With access to their competitors’ flash sales and their data, the managers are in a good position when it comes to future discounts. They can create predictive pricing based off of this data and even get it!

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