Indeed Data Scraping – Extract Job Site and Resume Scraping

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Project Title: Indeed.com verified Data Scraping – Extract Job Site and Resume Scraping

Project Description:
I would like to suggest us working together on improving the quality a little further before doing the big number of resumes because you are quite close, but missing some pieces.

I have updated the resume fields in the attached file.

Things I want to improve:

1) Work experience — the description field right now in your file is truncated and missing many lines of information. It only has the first line of the description. We want the whole description data.

2) Missing pieces of information that you are not capturing. E.g. Languages, Summary, Visa Status (Authorization to work in US), etc.

3) Work experience – want to get the “from date” and “to date” separate in date format

Now that your other big project is over, hopefully, your team would have more time to help with improving this. I am happy to pay some money like $250 for you to do some of this improvement work, maybe we need 2 more iterations of this improvements until you can send me 10 samples that look like they have good data scraped before we can do the big number of resumes. Let me know if you would require me to pay some of this “development money” up front.

Also, I am not sure how you are targeting which person/resumes to scrape (when we are ready to do a large number of resumes data collection). What we would like to do is to target resumes with these attributes. We want people’s background, and who have ANY of the jobs in these companies, OR any of the job titles CONTAINS these job names.

Jobs to target
Product Manager
Engineering Manager
Program Manager
Technical Product Manager
Product Marketing Engineer

We also don’t want duplication, so if you find the same exact resumes from the different criteria, we don’t want the same resume. So this is for the larger number of resumes when we are ready to do that.

Do you have any questions on these? If so, please email me. Or if you would like to chat on the phone, I can try to reach out around 12noon to 2 pm Sunday your time.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 8 years ago Jim Muehlhausen

    Hello, I am interested in getting some information on data scraping of resumes from such places as linked in, monster.com, indeed.com, Reed, CV library, myukjobs.co.uk etc…. however. I am not interested in getting the actual resume. I am interested in the name, address city state discipline and the date the resume was updated.

    Can you tell me if this is possible and what the cost would be to me? Thank you

  • 8 years ago Saher Uddin

    While researching and landing onto your web page, we would need assistance with web scraping. We would like to access all “healthcare Physicians” CRNA’s, Nurse practitioners and Physician assistance “resumes” that has applied for jobs on Monster/Indeed and Careerbuilder.com. We would also like to see if there’s a “webpage/website” that has a list of HR managers (Decision/Hiring Managers) of healthcare organizations? If so, we need assistance on scraping their Role/Phone number/Email address/business address/Fax numbers

  • 8 years ago PHILIP

    We would like the resumes to be from the engineering, It, and Healthcare related fields. They can be from anywhere that has resumes. We need full name, contact phone numbers, and all USA

  • 7 years ago Sean Goulden

    What is the charge for resume data scraping? I would need 1,000 per day min / 7 days a week. Can you handle this job? I have a large budget for this, just need reliable person with CURRENT data

  • 6 years ago Lucas MORENO

    Can you download resume of job seeker from Monster.com for specific industry only? Please let me know.


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