Google Map Data Extraction

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Google Maps Restaurant Data Scraping

Google Maps Web Scraping lets you extract business data, reviews, address, zip codes, latitude, longitude, from numerous listings, quickly and easily, without having to write any code.

See our step-by-step guide on how to scrape Google Maps to understand how to configure the Google Maps Web Scraping and get ideas on how you can use the data. Web Scraping is used to extract data from various websites on the Internet and then study the data to obtain useful results.

There are various Google search result web scraping services available for data scraping that facilitate the data mining task. Google search result scraping services by WebScrapingExpert allow you to get search result lists from Google. We provide fully customized, quick and reliable solutions that suit your business needs.

Scraping Business Information, Reviews and More from Google Maps Listings without writing any Code.

Extract Important Data from Google Maps

At, WebScrapingExpert, we can scrape following data fields from Google Maps:

Business Name
Full Address
Review Count
Source Link

Key Features, Services and Benefits

However, emails are not listed on Google Maps, so we can still scrape email addresses related to listed businesses. This is a unique feature that makes you stand out from the competition of scraping Google Maps results data.

One would require a professional Google Maps scraping data service provider like WebScrapingExpert to get the business in accordance with their target audience. One can use this business listing for lead generation, via cold calling or scheduling mass mailing campaigns.

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