Data Scraping for Financial Advisers List

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Project Title: Data Scraping for Financial Advisers List

Project Description:
I’m interested in constructing a panel dataset of Financial advisers verified from FINRA: their employment dates and employers, qualifications (licenses/exams), and all information pertaining to customer disputes.

The dataset we would like is described starting on page 6 of this paper. The dataset would be large… there are over 1 million advisors in the US, and some fields are text. The paper above has 2005-2015, but we would like every report you can get 1998-2017. I do not know whether FINRA tries to prevent scraping by blocking IP addresses, so you’d have to look into that.

Can you let me know if you’re capable of collecting this data, and if so, the cost/time requirement?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago LAUREN KNIGHT

    I have a web scraping project. Need to obtain financial advisers list and would like to continue this activity once every month.

    URL: https://www.financialadvisors.com/

    We want sample data too before confirming the monthly scrape.

  • 6 years ago James Brown

    Get list of Financial Planners from plannersearch.org. Do you have any idea on number of financial planners listed on website?

  • 5 years ago Beth Tucker

    Please give rate for following requirement.
    Site: http://www.harboronemortgage.com/officers
    Data Fields: -Name, Title, ID, Email & Phone.


  • 5 years ago Balazs Fejes

    We want to scrape email address of financial advisers from http://www.plannersearch.org/. Also, let us know the price for data scraping. Thanks.


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