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Stock Market and Financial Data Scraping

As the financial industry continues to evolve, the means of survival is accumulating vast amounts of data. We provide businesses with valuable information on the market such as market overviews, latest trends, stock market scraping, yahoo finance data scraping and market sentiment for predicting which way future investments may go, what assets should be bought, investment portfolios for start-ups as well as risk management plans and much more.

The financial and stock market scraping plays a key role in the operation of the financial industry. Even a little change in the market can cause big consequences, both for business owners and companies. It is hard to tell what will happen in the markets, since they are constantly changing, but good data exists to help business owners predict possible outcomes. Collecting data from sources like yahoo finance data scraping is a great option that gives statistical information on current market trends. Most people in the financial industry constantly scrape data from thousands of companies to help them make their trade or investment decisions. This is an expensive and tedious process that takes a long time, which is why people should use automation tools. With our services, it’s less time-consuming and expensive than expected to access financial and stock market.

Scraping Data from Financial Reports
You can collect relevant data from reports, such as 10-Q, 8-K, 40-F and others in PDF format for analysis using our Finance Web Scraping services.

Scraping Investment Database
You can make your own database of potential sources of investment by scraping the web for data. Supplement this with KPIs and create a system for future investments by utilizing the information you have collected.

Handling Risk
Build an online database to classify investments per industry and analyze them so that you can determine if they’re risky or not.

Equity Research Data
With stock market scraping and analysis capabilities such as the volume data, previous close, BETA, current stock prices, price fluctuations, portfolio companies and equity research and more that are easier than ever before.

Trends Analysis and Market Sentiments
We can analyze market data and detect trends in order to react accordingly. By using sentiment analysis from forums, blogs, social networks and other sources we can build a complete overview of trends that are happening.

Investigation of Venture Capital
With all the latest news, trends, and insights delivered to your inbox on a daily basis, you will stay ahead of the game. Get some of your investment decisions complete and financial predictions from TechCrunch’s and VentureBeat.

List of Financial Data Fields We Scrape:
With the vast amounts of data in the field of trading, investors can use technology to better their understanding and make more informed decisions. The data that is gathered is structured and collected through analytical tools. We can gather data like financial reports, volumes, mutual funds, and changes in securities futures, trading prices Twitter, sentiment, and thousands of other data sets.

The Following Details Can Be Obtained From Financial Sources:
Open, High, Low and Previous Close
Bid and Ask
Ex-Dividend Date
52-wk High and Low
EPS (TTM) and Earnings Date
Forward Dividend & Yield
BETA (5y Monthly)
Market Cap
ESG Ratings
1-Year Target Estimate
PE Ratio
Volume, Average Volume and Day’s Range

Popular Stock & Financial Market Website Lists:
Yahoo FinanceOtcmarkets.com  

Why Choose Our Services?

Analyzing Equity
Finance Web Scraping can be used by financial clients to gather information on sites to assess the market and product they are interested in. With enough data collected, the process becomes more efficient. Stock prices, company filings that fall under a certain market, and other related information can be integrated with analytics systems in order to build a stronger investment strategy. Finance web crawling can be applied to various types of financial statements, such as the metrics for profitability and solvency ratios, by analyzing previous year earnings. In order to compare their performance with other sectors and competitors, this type of research requires aggregating information from previous year earnings statements.

Financial Data Ratings
Finance Web Scraping allows companies to monitor and gather data from thousands of websites in order to conduct appropriate research on their interests. This technology will eventually help companies like financial planners, bankers, investment firms, and others to take quick decisions based on findings that this technology delivers.

Management and Mitigation of Risks
Compliance costs are always important for financial services and insurance companies. The large institutions must remain aware of regulatory changes that directly impact their business, which can be achieved through our Financial Data & stock market scraping service.

Our Finance Web Scraping services helps to scrape stock market data and generate new content in seconds by scanning every publicly available web source on the market. We offer a variety of web scraping services to suit your business, including our premium service where we scrape valuable financial and stock market data from various sources continually to make sure you have up-to-date information. The data is then handed over to you so you can use it for analyzing your own business.

Our data can be stored in various formats, including CSV files, JSON or XML. You can also get the financial data through our Cloud services: Dropbox, Fast-FTP, or Google Drive.

We offer the best and efficient financial and stock market scraping to the people all over the world.

Contact us today at info@webscrapingexpert.com for a free quote!

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