Featured Listed Lawyers Database from Law Directory & Google Adwords

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Lawyers Data Scraping

Can you help us figure out what attorneys are advertising with any of the following companies?
1) Google
2) Lawyers Directory
3) Internet Brands (this is a parent company with the following sites)

List of services we required for our Law database
– Online Directory Scraping
– Contact scraping from Websites
– Email Searching
– Web research and Searching Missing Information
– Data Entry and Processing

What exactly I am looking for
– I am looking to get Practice Area & email information for a list of attorney’s that we currently don’t have that data for.
– Can you please provide pricing for this effort?
– Where are you gathering the information from for attorneys? I see that ‘Online directory scraping’ is listed as one of the services you offer & would love to know which specific directories those are.
– Do you do any additional checks on the data you collect to see how accurate it might be?
– Can you tell me more about ‘Web research & searching for missing information’?

If you have similar work requirement then feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 7 years ago Wesley Smith

    I am needing help in gathering emails of particular niches here in Atlanta, GA. So, for example:

    I need the emails of all bankruptcy attorney’s in Atlanta, Ga or surrounding suburbs. and emails of all the dui attorney’s in Atlanta, GA or surrounding. suburbs.

  • 7 years ago Nelson Hultberg

    I need emails for attorneys in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area up to 50 miles.

    The types of attorneys I need are:
    General Practice, Constitutional Law, Taxation, Class Action, Litigation, Government

  • 7 years ago Bryant Clark

    I’m interested in purchasing avvo.com database of attorneys here please provide some information on the cost obtaining this data.

  • 7 years ago Alex Hagen

    I’m actually more interested in the BBB if that’s feasible. Let me know your thoughts on what you think is the best option for an e-mail campaign. I try to focus primarily on solo practitioners or small partnerships. I’ve come to find that a lot of the e-mails I gather are for attorneys in big firms which is usually not the best fit for my services. I am interested in the MSbar though. Let me know your thoughts.

  • 6 years ago Marie H.

    I need a scrape of the findlaw.com site.

  • 6 years ago JOANNE ROBERTSON

    Do you scrape Lawyers Reviews from lawyers directory: avvo.com? How much do you charge?

  • 6 years ago DALE SIMS

    Built lawyers and law firm database from law directory: http://www.lawinfo.com. How many lawyers will be there and out of that how many email can you extract? Please let me know.

  • 5 years ago Ava BARRETT

    Can scrape personal lawyers email address from law firm directory (martindale.com)? How much do you charge for scraping lawyers of USA? Please let me know.


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