Extracting Data from Job Board Websites

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Project Title: Extracting Data from Job Board Websites

Project Description:
I am looking for someone to build a program that I can run on my laptop (Windows 10) that will scrape a list of websites job boards, and produce an excel file output.

The list of companies includes 721 websites that will have their job board or career page scraped.

The scrape should export into an excel file that includes the following fields.
Company Name
Date Job Posted
Position Title
Job Location

I would like the excel file generated to be named by the date that the scrape was performed.

I have attached an example of what the results would look like.

Not all sites are formatted the same. Most sites will require advanced java processing, and not just HTML scraping.

I am looking for a quote for the entire project, but I would also like a quote on adding additional batches of websites to the scraper. Example: $X per 100 additional sites

I have attached the list of websites that will be scraped. Part of this job entails navigating to the career page on each site.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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