Extract Resellers Database from Forescout

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Project Title: Extract Resellers Database from Forescout

Project Description:
I would need to extract the data from this page and enrich it with data from LinkedIn in the following manner.

1.Go to this web page – https://www.forescout.com/partners/resellers/

2.For each region, go Country by Country.

3.Extract the names of the resellers.

4.For each reseller, fill the data in the table.
(Name, Website).

5.Gather all the employees from LinkedIn and add them to the list.
(Name , Title).

Please note some companies have subsidiaries worldwide and you need to fill ONLY the ones from the specific subsidiary of that specific state.

6.In order for you to fully understand, I made this sample file attached in the additional project files.

In addition, please fill a sample (including all employees of any reseller you choose) in the exact format as in the sample, in order for me to see you fully understood the work.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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