Extract B2B Leads from Gelbeseiten.de

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Project Title: Extract B2B Leads from Gelbeseiten.de

Project Description:
I’m looking to purchase a browser script for data collection on a German language website. You can choose which browser and which script language as I have no personal preferences although I have some experience with iMacros.

Go to gelbeseiten.de, you will see that you can type in search terms in two fields:

“Was”: Here I can put in the name of a business branch like “bakery”.

“Wo”: The name of the town which should be searched for this type of business.

For Example I put in “Bäckerei” (Bakery) and “München” (Munich) which takes you to the following results page:

I got 877 results of which only a certain number is shown immediately.

When browsing down the page gives me more and more results until I have to click the button “Mehr Anzeigen (+10)” to get an additional 10 results. Clicking on this button has to be repeated until I get all results.

The task is as follows:

1) The script should start on the page where the initial search results are shown and should then click on the button to get all results.

2) The script should then get the name of the business which is printed in bold like “Back Ma’s GmbH Bäckerei” (see screenshot).

3) It should then get street, postcode and town which are in another line.

4) It should then get the phone number.

5) Then it should get the URL of the website which is in the button “Webseite” and the email address which is in the button “E-Mail”.

6) All data should be written in a csv file whereby one business with all its associated data should be in one line.

7) The csv file should be named according to the search query like “Bäckerei-München”.

If you have any questions just let me know.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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