Digitizing Historical Stock Market Data

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Project Title: Digitizing Historical Stock Market Data

Project Description:
We would like to hire your company for the project, subject to the project details outlined below. Let me know what you think about this and if you have any questions for us. I have split things up into several categories so it’s a bit more structured.

1. Order details

I have re-examined the images that we want to be digitized, and it will be somewhere between 200 and 300 images/pages; probably around 250.

Basically, as I mentioned before, we have 270 images, but after looking at them more closely, some of them contain more than 1 page of the bulletin, so we will split these into 2 – but others don’t contain data that we need, so the final number will be a bit different from 270.

We would like to do a 50-image order first, check the output, and then do the other circa 200 images.

2. Pricing

We would like to work directly with you (not via upwork.com), at the quoted price of $3 per image. Each image will contain one page from the bulletin (also see 3/)

Can we pay $3 per image for the initial 50-image batch as well? Otherwise it would be good if we can pay $3/image on average, even if we pay a bit more for the initial 50 images, and a bit less for the remaining ones.

Please let us know what is your preferred payment structure and method.

3. Image format

We have made cut-outs of the first 50 pages with the data that we want digitized. I think it is easiest to work with that format, where we cut out the unnecessary information (see attached 1943_4 cut-out and DSCN6174 original image). We will make the cut-outs for the remaining pages, hopefully over the next week, but it might take a bit longer because people are away on holiday at the moment.

4. Sharing

I think the easiest way to share is if I upload the data to our owncloud server (I don’t have enough space on Dropbox), and send you the link.

5. Timing: 15-20 days for all the images suits us

6. Digitization details: as outlined in the upwork ad;

– Copy data as they are

– Separate into Excel tabs with image names (these correspond to years)

– Ignore advertisements or official announcements, just copy the stock listing – but this should not be a big issue with the cut-outs

– Highlight the cell in Excel if the data are difficult to read

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com


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