Data Scraper for Probate, Eviction, Divorce Records

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Project Title: Data Scraper for Probate, Eviction, Divorce Records

Project Description:
I am looking for someone to pull data for me from US websites.

The data is for real estate properties.

Specifically eviction, divorce, probate, liens.

This data will need to be copy and pasted from different websites into a Gsheet.

This will be a daily task for 6+ months.

If someone does a good job then we will find more work in our company that they can help with.

Must be very detail oriented and not make mistakes.
Must be very fast with computers & technology.
Computer with at least 8GB Ram.
Intermediate experience with Gsheets and Excel.
Good internet connection.
Basic English language.
Preferred if able to communicate in Vietnamese.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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