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Project Title: Crawl Product Details verified from Macys.com

Project Description:
I want quote if you crawl product details and verified macys.com twice daily on my behalf .

I want to crawl ( product title , description , images , variants ) to my woo-commerce have some questions about what you can support:

1. I want to crawl using this filters: Category Men>Hoodies > best sellers > under $50 Brand Adidas and Nike only Example URL: http://mcys.co/2nLVXN7

Not t sure if this URL may vary later, so we can crawl based on the filters I gave rather than fixed URL’s I give. I can always give URLs but it may change.

2. can you support crawl products with variants and upload them to my cart as parent product and under it variants even if those variants have different sizes etc http://mcys.co/2jHetBR

3. I am targeting daily 4000 product every 12 hours that start with 12:01 EST , how long it will take to crawl them and get them to my cart.

4. I want to add margin factor to crawled data for re-pricing like if product is $100 and my factor is $30+50% then price will be $100+$30+$50 = $180 . This factor will vary by subcategory but will not change regularly.

5. What is best way to automate upload of data to my cart directly without repeated manual upload , can i ask my developer to develop something for that or you can deliver that directly through FTP/API or any script you have working with Woo.

6. When we do next crawl , will you replace all old or just update price and stock of existing while adding new products that appeared in our search URL ?

Please provide quote for that and hope its reasonable.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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