Craigslist Scraping for Real Estate Company

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Project Title: Craigslist verified Scraping for Real Estate Company

Project Description:
Hello, we are an aggressive real estate company looking for lower pricing on our Craigslist verified data scraping and postings.

Please let me know what the pricing is and how soon you guys can. We are looking to scrape data and get it verified from craigslist in the Portland Oregon metro area (and branching out to our other areas if this goes well). We want all For Sale by Owner that includes the words, damage, death, relocating, fixer, rehab, fire, water damage, tree damage, hoarder, ugly, investor, rough.

For real estate site scraping we are looking to have someone scrape the Portland metro that has a difference of 20% or more between the Price and the estimate. So for example if the price of the house was $80,000 and the estimate was $100,000 or more, we want that scraped and sent to us.

If you have any question or are interested in starting the project, we have additional projects to do if we are a good fit for each other.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 7 years ago A Y

    I’m interested in Property data in couple of counties in Illinois (to start with). Looking for Address, Last Sold date and Price, Building and Lot Footage and physical characteristics of the buildings. Tax am mount and tax year. Data will need to be cleaned and possibly crosses referenced with other site/source.. I would be paying for a final product. Let me know if you can scrape and clean data like that and provide to me in bulk.

    We just need Public data that would include last date sold and last price sold. May be take data from multiple sites and then cross reference if together to get better quality data.

  • 7 years ago David Avrick

    We are interested in your scraping the multiple “homes for sale” websites.

    What we’re looking for are NEW HOMES FOR SALE that were listed THAT WEEK. If the website shows “new” listings that makes the task easy. If not you must scrape everything and compare this week’s data to last week’s data to identify the “new listings”

    There are now homeowner names on these sites (except for ‘for sale by owner’ so we’re looking for:

    Date on sale
    Listing price

    Can you do this?

  • 6 years ago Eugene Fox

    I need two files.

    1. Real Estate Property Details
    2. Real Estate Agents Contact Information

    Scrape the website: http://www.realtor.com for USA country.

    Please advise cost and thank you.

  • 6 years ago SAMANTHA DUNCAN

    Do you have ready data for real estate agents scraped recently or will you do fresh scraping as per my requirement?

  • 6 years ago JOY B.

    How much will you charge for scraping ads data from http://www.oodle.com?


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