Coupon Codes Extraction from Groupon

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Project Title: Coupon Codes Extraction from Groupon

Project Description:
We are an online deals & coupon community.

We would like to scrape coupons from groupon.de:


then import data to csv or google spreadsheets:

Challenges: 1. Coupon code will only visible after we clicked “Code anzeigen” button
2. The real purchase url of each coupon will visible after 2 or 3 redirects.

1. Remove affiliate tag from purchase url (e.g. utm_source=awin…, tag=groupon…)
2. Crawl all coupons every day

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 5 years ago Tonya Bassett

    I want to get a list of deals daily posted on the website groupon.fr. can you do this?

  • 5 years ago Bob Gavlick

    We daily want to extract deals from website Groupon.com. Can you assist us?

  • 5 years ago Rick Biordi

    Would you guys please send us a sample containing daily deals scraped from groupon.co.uk? Reply fast.

  • 5 years ago Justin King

    What will be the pricing structure for scraping the deals for Beauty & Health category from Groupon.fr and Groupon.com?

  • 5 years ago Jake Karlen

    Scrape Website – https://www.groupon.co.uk/ for Category – Health & Fitness. Output format should be excel file.

  • 5 years ago Albert Kang

    We want to scrape coupon codes, from the website freeshipping.org. can you do this?

  • 5 years ago Lindsay Marty

    We want to collect all the coupon codes from the website Offers.com. can you please provide sample for the same?

  • 5 years ago Mark Melago

    can you extract coupon codes on daily basis from website: Coupons.com.? Daily get the coupon codes for all the category available on the website.

  • 5 years ago Charlie Georgi

    can help us in extracting coupon codes data. we’ll provide you list of websites.

  • 5 years ago Kris Hughes

    I am very much interested in your services, I have a similar requirement. can you please help me?


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