Competitor Price Monitoring

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Project Title: Competitor Price Monitoring

Project Description:
As specified, we need the scraper code in vb.net supplied to us.

The scraper has to take price, product name, stock information, promotion (on-sale) information, image link where available and most important be able to select dropdowns so to get correct price, as specified in the inputs, there may 1,2,3 or more dropdowns.

The inputs in the file, are separated by the tilde ~ icon.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 years ago Anthony Rose 

    What is the cost for competitor price monitoring from Google Shopping? Looking towards your solutions.

  • 3 years ago Emad Rizk

    Do you guys also provide service to monitor nightly rates of Hotels? If yes, what is the price for getting them from Expedia?

  • 2 years ago Grant Feng

    I need the data scraper to work on eBay I need to be able to scrape sellers by their name. Let me know if you can do this?

  • 2 years ago Julianno Sambatti 

    We need to monitor 680 product prices daily from UK Google Shopping. Will you be able to help? Let me know at earliest.

  • 2 years ago Lewis Nate

    Scrape retailer website daily for pricing information across products and brands.
    Output: Excel data-set showing prices.
    Website url:

  • 2 years ago Rodney Warner

    I need scrapper expert for scrapping Offerup.com

    It will not working so you need VPN to connect.

  • 2 years ago Peter Dulay

    I’d like to extract product part number and product description from website and include cost and retail price from Excel file into a new excel file. Price list in excel supplied.
    website is http://www.bla.com.au

  • 2 years ago Aaron Putnam

    I need a script to find extract/scrap products from daraz.pk website. I want to extract products based on 2 conditions. If you have a solution for this task, feel free to discuss the details.


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