Collect Founder List for Various Companies

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CEO Email List

Project Title: Collect Founder List for Various Companies

Project Description:
I need to build out a spreadsheet that collects information about each founder for different companies (companies tend to have about 2-3 founders, on average).

Using LinkedIn, we’d like you to look up each and every founder and collect the following information:

– Gender (Male or Female)
– Race (White, East Asian, Southeast Asian, African American / Black, Hispanic, Unknown)
– The name of their undergraduate college / Where they received their BA or BS. Enter “no” if not listed.
– The name of their graduate school or university. Enter “no” if not listed.
– The type of advanced degree they have. If no degree, enter “no”
– If they worked at any of the top 12 tech companies (listed on the spreadsheet), the name of the company. If no major tech company experience, enter “no”

On the attached spreadsheet there is tab called “Database” that has the full list of companies and founders.

The tab called “Company & Founder Name” is where the data should be inputted.

Thank you in advance for consideration.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Dennis McHugh

    Are you guys able to extract C-Level contact details for a list of companies of the USA from https://www.crunchbase.com/?

  • 4 years ago Julie Scott

    We are looking for someone who can Collect CIO and CTO contact information from https://www.zoominfo.com. can you help?

  • 4 years ago William Akridge

    Looking for someone to scrape list of companies from https://www.bbb.org/ under specific categories.

  • 4 years ago Jon Stewart

    I need a list of solar companies from New York and California, What would be the charge? Please advise.

  • 4 years ago Henry Stimson

    We want to get company information from https://www.crunchbase.com/ Please let me know.

  • 4 years ago Leopold Stokowski

    Let me know if you can scrape marketing companies details from https://www.yellowpages.com/ How much is the price?


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