Cars Data Scraping for a Web in Spain

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Project Title: Cars Data Scraping for a Web in Spain

Project Description:
We are looking for cars data scraping for a web in Spain to collect jsons for the segment of eco cars.

We want to ask for recurrent monthly updates on new cars on the database.

Also we are looking for a cars pictures provider for this size 800×450.

Would you be able to provide these services?How much would they cost? When could we receive the data?

Let me explain you here so you can tell me if you are able to do this and the quote.

We need separate things: jsons data and pictures.

For jsons data we need following:

We would need the data for electric, hybrid, and hybrid plug in cars that are being currently sold and manufactured in Spain. We would need the data in jsons like the one attached. To extract the data from configurador.motorflash.com, the conditions to identify this cars are following: To identify these from the entire DB these are the conditions to apply conditions 1 AND 2 below:
1- For years 2020 and 2021 in “Fecha inicio – fin” data with empty the “-fin” date. So, only with ”Fecha inicio” date (first date) and empty the “-fin” date (second date) which means that it has a manufacturing starting date and no end date so it is currently being manufactured.
2- That have in “Datos técnicos” – “Motor” – “Tipo” any of these three: • Híbrido (Hev) • Eléctrico Puro (Bev) • Híbrido Enchufable (Phev)

For condition 1:the “Fecha inicio – fin” comes here

For the condition 2 the electric/hybrid/hybridplug in you can find the here:

The delivery json files we need are like this example attached.

And also, we need cars pictures. We do not know from which webs yet. Do you have any recommendations on this?

How much would this cost? When could you deliver?

I would propose that we do a test where you send 1-5 and if the deliverables are ok, we can go ahead.

Also, we are looking for a monthly recurrent service to extract new jsons car data and pictures.

We are a start up company and we are looking for an effective service that can be affordable for us to allow us to grow together.

Looking forward to receiving your quote and knowing if you can do this job.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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