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Do you want to scrape business software reviews from G2.com? Then WebScrapingExpert is the right place for that. At WebScrapingExpert, we can scrape data from PRS (Peer Review Sites) G2 and many more websites and apps at affordable prices. You can scrape company data, reviews, pricing and videos with our Customized Scraper to scrape data from G2 for business software reviews and store the results in various database formats.

G2 is the world’s largest Software Marketplace. More than 70,000,000 people annually – including all Fortune 500 employees – use G2 to make better software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Thousands of software and service companies ranging in size from small to large partner with G2 to build their reputation, manage their software spending, and grow their business. From Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom and Adobe – these are just a few of the huge enterprise companies that trust this marketplace with its reputation. More than 60 million people visit G2.com each year. The site has published nearly 1.7 million reviews to date, which have helped many people around the world make better educated purchasing decisions. G2 is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Scraping G2.com

We can scrape business software and service reviews from G2.com.  Scraping G2.com services is adept at data collection with a vast range of online formats, able to collect a large amount of data quickly. Businesses such as financial firms, lawyers and bankers might use our data scraping service. Because we’ve scraped data from many sources, you can use our service when you need to find information in various countries or locations. People who need to find data for daily transactions and deals accessible in any location and country can use our G2 scraper services. G2 Scraper lets you quickly and easily extracts data related to various software reviews without writing any code.

G2 is an online platform where reviews are shared in real-time. With over 1.3 million user reviews, businesses can use G2 to make better buying decisions using synthesized social data. Users can learn about what the pros or whatever they want in the software industry are choosing and decide on their own whether or not it will work for them.

G2 Scraper

G2 Scraper tracks reviews from Instagram, Facebook and Google and offers you a valuable insight into how your competition is performing. The AI-generated analytics provide you with influencer metrics on your business as well as data on a competitor’s performance.

If you are looking to buy software, you first research the G2 in order to see if the product fulfills your needs. If you find quality reviews, it is easier for you to find an alternative with our service, which scrapes posts to give buyers quality information.

We offer a variety of web scraping solutions that are appropriate for various cases. We also extract data from all kinds of websites with our sophisticated and advanced algorithm. We offer G2 Data Scraping and G2 Software Reviews scraping services for companies to scrape website data when the company wishes to grab reviews and vendor information. Using our G2 Scraper, they are able to scrape software reviews, category and vendor content.

List of Data Fields

Scraping G2.com data field is something like:

– Vendor Name
– Vendor Domain Name
– Product Name
– About
– Ratings
– Reviews
– Review Link
– Source
– Validated Reviews
– Category
– Category Path
– Location
– Date Founded
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– LinkedIn
– Pricing

This data can help you with competitive analysis and give you a clear picture of how your products are performing in comparison to your competitors. Machine learning algorithms compare your product’s performance to that of other similar goods, so you can adjust to meet the needs of your customers and take action ahead of time. WebScrapingExpert is a leading web scraping company that specializes in transforming unstructured data into valuable insights. Services provided include full managed enterprise level website data scraping services that are able to turn millions of web pages into structured data without your help. We provide web scraping services in top states of the USA like Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Scraping G2.com Category Listings

Scraping data from different sites/services can be a demanding task, but can be made easy with WebScrapingExpert. With the help of analyzing aggregated data and related markets, you’ll easily be able to find appropriate sources for your specific project. With the ability to effectively collect data from different services, WebScrapingExpert can help you scrape content from different aggregate services. You may need to specifically list either URL for pages with specific content or unique IDs for data from different sources. WebScrapingExpert includes many tools, including those for scraping data from single sources and multiple services.

List of Top Categories We Can Scrape

CRM Software
Project Management Software
Expense Management Software
Video Conferencing Software
Online Backup Software
E-Commerce Platforms
Accounting Software
ERP Systems
Marketing Automation Software

We can scrape the list of product reviews, by category, recent list, more than top 5 ratings, vendor name, email and any other information G2. Our G2 scraper can scrape all the information that is on G2.com.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to G2.com

You can view reviews based on reviewer data to see how G2.com stacks up with the competition, examining reviews from current and past users in industries such as information technology and services, computer software, and marketing and advertising to further your business.


A website that helps businesses find the software they need is called Capterra.


Gartner provides research reports on technology to business leaders, which equips them to make informed decisions on key initiatives.


Business Technology Reviews for buyers and vendors


Forrester offers proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom advisory and consulting, events, online communities and executive programs globally.


SourceForge is a website that features resources to find websites, download software and materials, discuss and monitor software bugs, and more.

Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange provides information for experts to solve their problems, make informed decisions and deliver excellent solutions. A perfect resource for people who need a professional’s help with difficult problems or decisions.


Find top firms for your next big project with this B2B firm guide. Your data-driven field guide to B2B buying and hiring decisions, 27,000+ agencies in 500+ categories– explore top services and solutions across industries to find the right resource for your business.


IDC provides valuable market intelligence, related advisory services and events for the IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.


App reviews, evaluations and comparisons in one place


With the support of its growing number of users and their feedback, Ultramodern allows individuals to recommend products or services. With an algorithmic ranking system, individual products or services are typically put in a better position compared to other heavyweights.

Why Choose Us?

Our G2, Data Scraping Services is immensely effective for getting and organizing data on demand. They are used by our customers when manually collecting or deriving the data is not easy, making our G2, Data Scraping Services a valuable asset in the ecosystem.

Our G2 Data Scraping Services can scrape a large amount of data quickly, no matter what platform you need the data on. Those who have to collect data for daily transactions and deals may use our G2 Data Scraping Services. WebScrapingExpert has already proven how quickly it scans and aggregates data from different e-commerce sites.

Finding the right web scraping services can be complicated, so we’re here to help you. Email us today at: info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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