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Real Estate Web Scraping

Apartments.com is one of the largest real estate websites in the United States. The Apartments.com website lists rental and property listings available in the top states of the United States such as Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Florida, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, and Mississippi. WebScrapingExpert is dedicated to providing customized Apartment.com scrapers to those who want to find useful information related to buying, selling and renting apartments in a particular location.

Apartments.com Scraper tool helps you find all available real estate in your city for a very affordable price. You can also define the type of property that you’re interested in, such as safety or maintenance issues, or a specific outskirts or central location. Using our data scraping service to extract data from websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia can reduce the efforts required for data extraction, freeing up your time for other priority tasks. Apartments.com is a popular US-based real estate website with a monthly visitor count of more than 26 million people. Apartments.com is one of the largest apartment-listing websites with 5 million units listed in its database across all 50 states. It’s one of the established market leaders and most people looking for an apartment are already aware of this website.

WebScrapingExpert provides customized scraper that allow business users to extract information from different real estate websites. The website offers a scraper called the realtor which is used to extract information on the website. This tool can be used by anyone who needs quick access to this kind of information. Many people feel a need to use tools like this, especially for business purposes and this site offer these services without much friction. Apartments.com has a great online presence that is suitable for commercial purposes because of the high volume of daily traffic it gets. Apartments are a primary resource for housing and apartments.com offers the most comprehensive information online on apartment listings, opportunities, tips and local neighborhood info in over 250 cities around the world.

Offering Real Estate Web Scraping and Property listings Scraping Services in USA, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, our company takes time saved by automated extraction of data used to free up people to work on other tasks. WebScrapingExpert provides customized data extraction services for real estate websites.  WebScrapingExpert can save you time by taking care of the data-scraping aspect. You could use this saved time in more high-priority tasks.

USA Rental and Property Listings Scraping using Apartments.com Scraper

The customized Apartments.com scraper tool created by our team is an established tool for data analysis and others who need relevant buying and selling information. This is because it offers complex location specific searches. A big benefit of using an apartments.com scraper tool is that it pulls information in quick time and is convenient to use. The results obtained using this tool can be easily stored in MySQL, MS Excel or CSV format and can be used according to business needs. Lots of information about apartments can easily be extracted using this tool.

WebScrapingExpert provides Apartments.com data scraping services at an affordable rate and we also offer our clients customized solutions that can scrape rental and property listings with high quality accuracy. WebScrapingExpert is a web scraping service provider, we provide website data scraping, data scraping, data extraction and web research services and these services are updated from time to time lists and are affordable based your needs.

Apartments.com data scraping lets you access valuable data such as the current list of available apartments sorted by price range with images and detailed information about location, size, amenities, etc. Based on the extracted data, it will be possible to analyze the market trends and obtain competitor activity. Geographic location lists can be generated that have potential customers, which is good for marketers.

Apartments.com Scraper

The data extraction process done using Apartment.com Scraper tool presents unique and useful business solutions to their clients. People looking for quick information about apartments in different locations can always go with the services of WebScrapingExpert. We can provide various tool scrapers, tools and scripts site by site as per the requirement of the customized solution as per the client. The tool is widely used for various business purposes and applications and is an automated process that can fetch big data from various websites and web pages online.

Our Apartments.com scraper lets you extract detailed property data from thousands of home listings for sale and rent from Apartments.com, quickly and easily, without writing any code. Apartments.com scraper will extract all the information for individual listings, save the individual rows with links to that data in each row, and allow you to analyze each asset entry. Apartments.com Scraper crawls Apartments.com pages and extracts data from all listings available on the website.

List of Data Fields

– Property Name
– Category
– Type
– Address
– City
– State
– Zip Code
– Phone Number
– Website
– Email
– Bathrooms
– Bedrooms
– Descriptions
– Images
– Owners/Dealer Name
– Images
– Price
– Sq.Ft
– Location (Map)
– Area
– Longitude-Latitude
– Time stamp

Quick Data Scrape with Apartment.com Scraper

Apartment.com scraper tool is a very important utility for businesses and business consumers. The scraper tool can be used to take in image data from any web page and use this information to generate valuable output for a customer. It is a service created by Apartment.com and many businesses are using it to achieve their business goals and objectives.

With the use of WebScrapingExpert, it’s possible to find deals on real estate websites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com, MLS, Coldwell Banker Realtors, RE/MAX, Craigslist and so on. Most of these sites require some sort of technical programming that can be done only by developers who know everything about how a website works from a data collection perspective.

Our custom built Trulia Scraper enables you to fully extract data from Trulia using the right tools and techniques. Scraping is a difficult task, but we offer much needed web scraping services for top results.

Top Apartments.com Alternatives & Competitors


Rent.com offers a large selection of apartments for rent, all verified in order to make moving a piece of cake.


Zillow is a real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to giving consumers the information, inspiration and knowledge necessary to make the tough decisions around their home. They provide local professionals who are able to help with any of their inquiries. At WebScrapingExpert, web scraping professionals can scrape data from real estate websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia with professional website scrapes from multiple countries in the USA and UK. With our offerings of Zillow Data Scraping Services, you can use our services for businesses to make sure you have the most updated listings for property rentals.


Trulia is an all-in-one real estate website that provides local data about homes for sale to help you determine whether to buy, sell, or rent. It also provides neighborhood insights, real estate market trends and hotspots to help you get the best deal with as little time and effort as possible.


HotPads is a map-based marketplace for housing, where users search locations and get into contact with providers. Users can view listings and full descriptions, as well as unlimited pictures.


Search real estate for sale, discover new homes, shop mortgages and find property records. On realtor.com, they offer virtual tours of houses, condos and apartments available on the market.


Zumper is used by people worldwide, who are searching for homes to rent.


Crexi enables commercial real estate professionals to quickly streamline, manage, grow their businesses and close deals faster.


Redfin has local agents who get to know you over coffee, and uses online tools to make you smarter and faster. You can use our search engine, get a home tour and even ask your agent questions on the fly.

One way to make sense of millions of listings on real estate websites is by using a tool that converts that information into usable forms. Scraping is the act of using automated software to extract data from different sources on the Internet. Once you give your input, the scraped website data can be easily converted into usable information. It’s one way to get high-quality business intelligence in minutes rather than hours.

Why Choose Us?

Our Apartments.com Data Scraping services can also be used to scrape rented apartments, sale apartments, property listings and its price data.

A popular tool to extract data from apartment listing websites is Apartments.com scraper, which allows users to get instant data on a real estate website, saving the information in its central database location as per the requirements and feasibility of the user.

If you need Apartments.com Data Scraping or Apartments.com Scraper services but don’t know what would be best for you, the first thing to do is email us: info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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