Yelp Rating and Review Scraping

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Project Title: Yelp verified Rating and Review Scraping

Project Description:
I have approximately 2,500 business names/address in an excel file (this is phase 1 – depending on how phase 1 goes I have a lot more data to be mapped). They are all in the same type of category. I need someone to verify and look them up in yelp.com and see what the aggregate rating is (eg. 5 stars, 3.5 stars etc) and the total number of reviews (eg 10 reviews total, 58 reviews total) for each business. I have done this same exercise for another very similar data set. From this experience, I found ~50% had a yelp.com listing with some type of rating. ~30% had a yelp.com listing, but no ratings. ~20% did not have a yelp.com listing at all.

Please let me know the cost for this and what your payment terms are. Also, please let me know your turnaround time in PST – the sooner the better as this is an immediate need. Please let me know if you have any questions.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 5 years ago Bobby Kelley

    Can you collect all New York Restaurants Reviews and Ratings from http://www.tripadvisor.com?

  • 5 years ago Denise Armstrong

    Looking to scrape reviews of properties from booking.com. What is cost?

  • 4 years ago Ruth Walker

    I am after collecting business reviews of London from thomsonlocal.com. Can you let me know the price for this job, please?

  • 4 years ago Joshua HOWELL

    We are a market firm that targeting specific industry. And we want to scrape similar industry business from scoot.co.uk. Let me know, if you can complete this task and in what price?


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