Extract Software Company Contact Details

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Project Title: Extract Software Company Contact Details

Project Description:
Hello Future Team Mate,

I would need you to work with me full time for 2 weeks as a trial period… after these 2 weeks pass, possibly long-term.

We are a remote software development agency. We have a list of companies that are actively looking or will be looking for engineers.

Your part would be extracting as much data we need as possible. We focus on data quality and personalization, not quantity.

That is why your part would be to get the most personalized and precise information.

For example:

– website
– logo
– website screenshot
– team member’s emails (CTO, CEO, …)
– team member’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (CTO, CEO, …)
– their team member’s accomplishment, for example being a guest on a podcast
– a sentence about a company found on their social media feed / online
– company’s accomplishment

Thank you.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 2 years ago Matt Weber

    We are looking for extracting company contact details from https://www.zoominfo.com/.

    can you please help?

  • 2 years ago David Wurst

    This project involves obtaining contact information for the owners or CEOs of companies on the attached spreadsheet.

    What would you charge?

  • 2 years ago Chris Tingom

    I need to scrape emails from https://www.crunchbase.com. Please provide sample for a review.

  • 2 years ago Benu Aggarwal

    Build scraper to pull personal and company contact information from the https://www.zoominfo.com/ website using my login and password.

  • 2 years ago Chris Rockett`

    Will it be possible to scrape data from https://www.bloomberg.com? Let me know.

  • 2 years ago Walter Paliska

    We are looking for someone to extract company details from https://www.formds.com/filings/advanced_filter.

  • 2 years ago Mike Supple


    I want someone who can help me to scrape company data from https://www.crunchbase.com. Please let me know the cost.

  • 2 years ago Ian Fox

    As part of our outreach program, we need to mine information about contacts in target companies from https://www.zoominfo.com/ platform. Please assist us.

  • 2 years ago Lee Farr

    Have you guys scraped data from https://www.crunchbase.com in past? If yes, provide a sample to review and discuss further requirements.

  • 2 years ago Frank Reeves


    I’m primarily looking to obtain contact details for small business through scraping.

    One source of potential customers for me is https://www.yelp.com/.


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