Data Research Services is a leading web scraping company based in Inda. We are offering extensive range of data research, web data mining, data collection, data extraction and web scraping services to the clients across the globe with great standard of quality at very reasonable rates.

Research data may include all of the following:

– Text or Word documents, spreadsheets
– Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
– Questionnaires, transcripts, codebooks
– Slides, artifacts, specimens, samples, Data files
– Collection of digital objects acquired and generated during the process of research
– Database contents including video, audio, text, images
– Models, algorithms, scripts, Methodologies and workflows
– Contents of an application such as input, output, log files for analysis software, simulation software, schemas
– Standard operating procedures and protocols
– Leads research – profiles, resume, contact details i.e. Name, Address, Emails, Phone number & much more.
– Property Documents Research – mortgages, deeds, foreclosures, title research, assignments, releases, credits
– Products Research – SKUs, technical specs, design, pricing, pictures / images, trend, feedback / rating & many more.
– Online Research – e-commerce, shopping, cell phone, mobile, TV, movie, pictures & much more.
– Professional Services – doctors, plumbers, carpenters, painters, legalities, academics, professionals & many more.
– Events Research – exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, webinars & many more.
– Document Research – Journal, magazines, thesis, technical, white paper, news & many more.
– Company / Business Research – industrial, competitor, market report, financial / annual report.

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