Data Cleaning Services is a leader in the global sales and marketing intelligence space. Over 500+ companies use our platform to gain sales and marketing intelligence to their markets. We identifies and corrects missing data in each record across the database. The database evaluation report shows the percentage of data that has been completed using our Clean.

Evaluate – Current database health and marketing objectives
Data Detail – Comprehensive reporting on database health, accuracy and segmentation
Clean – Standardize, de-duplicate, match and validate each record
Append – Enriched dataset added including company and contact data
Service – Access to data solution architects to manage data quality projects. evaluates your database, matches, de-duplicates, and adds missing data. The graph below shows the typical amount of data that is corrected by us in a typical database cleansing process.

We provide a full suite of data cleansing services:
– Email append / e-mail append / e-append
– Email Syntax Validation
– Data Enhancement/ Data Enrichment/ Data Appending
– Contact Name Generation/ Salutation Generation
– De-duplication/ Deduplication/ Dedupe/ Merge Purge

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