Daily Competitor’s Price Scraping and Monitoring

Competitor price monitoring is a necessity in this competitive online market. You have to deal with the thousands of competitor dealing in same business or selling the same products or services. You need to stay strong in the market and keep optimizing your prices.

We at Web Scraping Expert are a team having expertise in Competitor Price Monitoring. We provide you the service of price monitoring at the most affordable rates. All we need are some simple inputs from you.

An appropriate, definite and regular price monitoring service always helps in staying ahead in your respective markets against your competitors.

We offer competitor price monitoring in various industries of which, the main industries are:

• Ecommerce Competitor Price Monitoring

• Competitor Hotels Price Monitoring

The most use of the competitor price monitoring services is used in above mentioned industries and we have an expertise with both of them. We have successfully carried out number of projects in both of these industries.

1. Ecommerce Competitor Price Scraping and Monitoring

Provide us any ecommerce website, may it be Amazon, EBay, Google Shopping, Walmart or any other. We are always there to help you with price monitoring for this service.

You need to provide us the list of products or categories and websites for which you need to monitor the competitor prices and then, leave everything else on us!! We provide the complete solutions for ecommerce price monitoring.

We will be able to provide you with monitoring of prices from various different ecommerce websites for the same sellers and also the different sellers selling the same products on that particular website.

The information we collect for price monitoring from ecommerce websites are:
– Product Name
– Product Id
– Seller Name
– Seller Rating
– Seller Price
– Seller Shipping Price
– Seller Description

We scrape prices of all the sellers with all available details from the website. Product price monitoring is made easy with our services.

As mentioned earlier, we provide customized solutions thus, even if a product is being sold by 10 different sellers and you need the details of your top 3 competitors only we shall be able to provide you with the same.

All you need to do is to drop an email or give us a call to discuss your customized detailed requirements for ecommerce price monitoring services and we will get started with it.

2. Daily Competitor Hotels Price Scraping and Monitoring

If you are dealing in Hospitality industry, today it’s quite common that, you have your hotel listed on various travel websites like TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, Hotwire, Kayak, Agoda, etc. Also, you would be providing great deals or offers on your prices. But all this is not enough to stay ahead in the market.

To stay ahead and let your hotel listed ahead on these travel websites, you will need to know your competitors. And this can be achieved through monitoring prices of hotels.

We at Web Scraping Expert are team of scrapers who can do this kind of tasks with a great accuracy and proficiency for you. We have done and even doing number of similar projects for our number of clients.

We scrape and monitor prices of hotels as per your customized requirements. We check the per night rates daily for the locations/hotels you provide from your advised Travel Website. Also, the data-points are collected as per your instructions only. While, the basic data-fields we collect are:
– Hotel Name
– Address
– Zip-code
– Rating
– Check-in date
– Check-out date
– Price

We shall also be able to collect further information as you ask us. Upon receiving specific instructions, we shall provide the output as required.

Also, we provide the customized output formats as per the needs of customers. The output formats we can provide are: Excel, CSV, XML, SQL, JSON, etc.

Other competitor price monitoring services that we can provide you are like automobile price monitoring, real estate properties price monitoring, retail industry competitor price monitoring, etc…

Benefits of Competitor Price Monitoring:
a) Analyze and Understand Market Trends
b) Helps to Optimize Products Prices
c) Analyze customer Behavior
d) Gather Insights of competitors
e) Keep Varying Prices as per Market Needs
f) Alerts are sent as and when competitor’s prices vary
g) Getting Idea about the Top Competitors

In today’s cut-throat market, consistent and dedicated competitor price monitoring service can boost-up your sales, increase margins and optimize sales to provide you the best results.

Monitoring your competitor prices is one of the best ways to increase competitiveness in the today’s market. Mostly all large online businesses constantly monitor & track their competitor’s prices to optimize their prices day to day.

Email us at info@webscrapingexpert.com for any kind of competitor price monitoring needs and get your work done in Wink.