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WebScrapingExpert offers the Bing Maps Scraping services because they are affordable! We can scrape data like map navigation, business listings, locations or even photos. Our team also provides customized solutions, such as Bing Maps Scraper that can scrape data from across Bing Maps and deliver the output you want. At WebScrapingExpert, we provide professional Business Directory Scraping services for your needs. Our team can handle small to large projects with the best of them. If you need any scraping services contact us.

Bing Maps is constantly trying to improve to compete with the biggest local business, so if you need the services of scraping services from Bing, then you should check out the customized Bing Maps scraper we have created. Manually copy-pasting data from Bing Maps into the database takes substantial time and effort, and this is where Bing Maps scraping services play an important role. That’s why our team has created a Bing Maps Scraper which scrapes economical and high accuracy data.

WebScrapingExpert is a web scraping company that provides customized solutions to extract data from any website. We provide website data scraping and customized scraping solution in top states of the USA such as Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Bing Maps Data Scraping

Bing Maps Scraping is the best option for scraping business related information because the scraper can provide you with more information than you can get from other websites. Using the Bing Maps scraper captures information that these other websites have yet to provide. It is important to be able to find the address of a business through Bing Maps for that very reason. Often, a Facebook website prepares for placing ads on their page and keeping their site up-to-date. You can get the Facebook address of any business by doing a Bing Maps scraper search. Having a single website for every business you want to target is another way to increase your database.

List of Data Fields:

At WebScrapingExpert, we can scrape the following data fields from Bing Maps:

– Name
– Address
– Lat / Long GPS Cords
– Website
– Phone
– Rating
– Reviews
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Verified or Not
– TripAdvisor URL
– Foursquare URL
– Listing URL
– And More

Bing Maps Scraper

Our customized Bing Maps scraper can help you grow and grow your business with these features. If you are looking to scrape Bing Maps, we have everything you need with our features-filled Bing Maps Scraper. With connection support options, such as VPN and Proxy, you can extract more information than ever before. Want to extract data while taking a break at work? Our bot keeps working even if you are not! You can use our customized Bing Maps Scraper to get more emails than before. Our Bing Maps extractor checks the Home, About Us, as well as the Contact Us pages of a website and spits out public emails. We save all your data in the easy-to-use format as well as import into CSV files that are supported by Excel and most CRM systems.

With Full Proxy and VPN Support

Proxy and VPN support for anonymous scraping allows you to scrape for more, even when you aren’t feeling well.

Run Faster

With extra connections, engines are able to access even more data across limitless amounts of websites, making it possible for them to scrap even faster.

Human Programming

The list feature will make automated data retrieval easy by scheduling when the blog should scrape different pieces of information.

Extract Email

Our new built-in Email Hunter system searches the business website’s home, about, and contacts us on pages for public email addresses.

Export in any Desired Format

We save your data in a CSV file that is easy to import into EXCEL. Our scraper supports the most popular CRM systems. WebScrapingExpert also provides the facility to extract data from Google Maps. Related to this, we have customized Google Maps Scraper, with which you can do any kind of data scraping from Google Maps.

Using Bing Maps Scraper for Maximum Data

Our Bing Maps Scraper goes beyond the competitors by not only getting contact information but also website URLs, hours, owner names, promotions, pricing, and user reviews. With our Bing Maps data scraper, you can also check social media accounts for public emails. The robust information gathered with this tool is ideal for Database Building or Sales Lead Generation. Our Bing Maps Scraper is the best navigation scraper for data collection and sales lead generation. With its efficient scraper, you will get relevant contact info as well as social media accounts. Our scraper structure and layout make it ideal for building a database or generating sales leads from one location.

Bing Maps Services

Web Control
Windows Store apps control
WPF control
REST Services
Spatial Data Services

WebScrapingExpert has amassed a team of experienced professionals to extract information from websites. Our BrownBook Data Scraping Services include USA, UK, UAE and we provide reliable brownbook business listing scraping services that meet the needs of individual companies. Our data-backed capabilities make it easier for our customers to have success with their projects. With access to information from multiple sources, our mission is to allow you to succeed. Our web data scraping services can deliver results from different online sources that coordinate quickly and are available immediately in usable form. We provide unique databases which can be easily built and used.

Alternatives to Bing Maps

The Bing Maps platform provides many options for you, including Web Control, Windows Store Apps Control, WPF Control, REST Services and Spatial Data Services. Along with the information below, you can consider what best suits your needs.


OpenStreetMap is an endeavor that aims to create and provide free geographic data such as maps to anyone who wants them. It keeps community members involved in its production. They are the ones who add content, contribute the models and figure out how to approach different issues related to putting together the map.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a basic web mapping service, available from Google. It offers street maps and a route planner, which can be used by foot, car, or public transport for travelers. It also provides an urban business locator for various countries around the world.

Google Earth

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, galaxies and the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content and save your tourist places to share with others.


A social GPS navigation app, Waze allows drivers to build maps and use live traffic updates for greater functionality around their daily commute.

Qwant Maps

With a new alternative to Google Maps and HERE WeGo, Qwant Map is currently in beta. It uses OpenStreetMap and has similar tools to Google Maps does.


Explore the world while enjoying a fully integrated, beautifully designed map experience. Discover places you’ve never seen and plan routes with your phone to keep you on track. Record all of your favorite places so you can enjoy them later, such as when you visit them, too!


An open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is lightweight and fast, just 28 KB of code, with all of the features you need to create a map application.


With uMap, you can create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute. It also lets you add custom annotations, lines, custom shapes and import data like CSV or GPS.

Google Street View

Google has a service that includes millions of high-quality photos from across the globe.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is an easy way to navigate and explore the world, with your privacy protected.

Why Choose Us?

With our Bing Maps Scraping, your money and time are saved because we can scrape data in just a few hours rather than days. It would take you weeks to try to scrape it yourself.

Our team will turn data from the locations of your target pages into structured data you need. Our Bing Maps Scraper is able to find all the necessary up-to-date and actionable information on the targeted websites.

With our help, you can get your maps scraped by our customer support team. Our Bing Maps scraping services are expert and give quick results without any errors. That’s why we have a team that will help you quickly if you get stuck while using Bing Maps Scraper.

If you would like to use the Bing Maps Scraping service or the Bing Maps Scraper feature, email us at info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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