email extraction from website list

Project Title: USA Restaurants Email List from Facebook Project Description: I need email list and name of at least 11.000 restaurants in USA. I need this data to be extracted from Facebook. Is this something you guys are capable to do? Please for information when can you be able to sent me for the price and in what format will be sent the same? Also,…

Extract make, year, model from

Project Title: Car Info Automation Task Project Description: The task is to visit the websites below on a daily basis and get all the seller information from used cars in zip codes 46804 and 46304 1. Craigslist link results zip1: link results zip2: Go to each listing and get the email or phone number they give and the listing headline + description…

web scraping services

Project Title: Scrape Websites for Reviews Project Description: We would like to scrape websites to get reviews. We are primarily focusing on the India market right now, we would like to scrape consumer forums, hotel reviews, travel reviews, fashion reviews from various India focused websites and brands. Please let me know how we can work with you guys? Are your scrapers configurable so minor changes…


Project Title: Scraping Student Email List Project Description: I am interested in getting a list of names and emails of students from UK universities. You will have to go through each university website, find the student directory and extract the data. Emails are the key factor and they should be properly verified and validated. For now, we can start with University of London, Cambridge and…

students email database

Project Title: Scrape Emails from Project Description: I have noticed your work experience and so I hope you can help me with my requirement. I want to retrieve Student’s email ids from Basically all I need is student name, department and email from above website to be delivered in an excel. I want data separated by department in different sheets of same excel…

Web Scraping

Project Title: Scraping Data from Greek Chamber Site Project Description: This is a site of a Greek chamber: It has over 20000 companies registered. In the given page you can see the companies by their category and the code of the category. If you click on a category you will see subcategory etc. You can use translate to English and understand how it works….

Business Start-ups List

Project Title: Scraping New Businesses in USA and Canada Project Description: We are looking to hire you specifically for listings of new businesses in USA and Canada. Our definition of new businesses = businesses registered within the last 6 months. Are you able to help us? What are your rates? Order process/requirements? Please reply and let me know. Thank you. I look forward to hearing…

Lawyers Data Scraping

Project Title: Law Firm Lists IL and MO Project Description: My territory covers parts of Illinois and Missouri and I would like to retrieve their Law Firms list. I know in the past other people have not been able to pull names from the Illinois Bar. Attached is my zip code list, please let me know the number of attorneys/firms you could pull each from…


Project Title: Loan Officers List in the US Project Description: I need name, phone number, email of loan officers in the US. Also looking to have a list of loan officers Hispanic market. Do you have an idea about the source where I can get the relevant data? I need to get the quote as well as time-frame required to complete the project. Please advise….

doctors contact information scraping

Project Title: Scraping Prescription Drug Information from Project Description: Would like to speak with someone regarding automated scraping of dynamic prescription drug pricing info. Will you please send over a proposal along-with functionality and samples for review. I would also like to get a brief about your company, services it offers and successful past projects. Please let me know, when can we connect…