Lawyers Data Scraping

Project Title: Scraping Verified Lawyers Email Database Project Description: We are interested in your lawyer databases, particularly email lists. Can you send us a few samples from a couple lists so we can take a look at the data you have and the layout. – Contact Name – Email Address – Fax – Phone Number – Address – Postal Code – City – State… data scraping

Project Title: Scraping Verified UK Business Database Project Description: I would like to scrape a list UK based Local Businesses and verified from We are in need of quality UK B2B Business Database. Can you able to extract UK Local Business Database to us with email ids? List of data fields we expecting are as following. – Business Name – Address – City… Data Scraping

Project Title: Scraping Verified Database Project Description: I want to know if it is possible to get data verified from, I want to advertise my product for them, I would appreciate your urgent reply. How much do you charge for this? I would like some information on your ability to scrape it. Are you able to send me a sample of web scraping…

Real Estate Agents Email List

Project Title: Scrape Real Estate Database Project Description: I am working for a small startup company that needs data. We are looking to collect the Agent Finder – Looking for a pro – section data. I have a sample CSV file of what we are looking to collect. Please let me know what next steps you would need from me in order to create a…

tripadvisor data scraping

Project Title: Scraping Tripadvisor Restaurants Database Project Description: Restaurants on Madeira island (Portuguese territory) from Tripadvisor – Name – Address, City, State, Postal Code – Price Range – Cuisines – Phone – Email – Website – facebook – Latitude – Longitude – opening hours For similar work requirement feel free to email us on

web scraping services

Project Title: Scraping Product Information from Project Description: Please see attached, it’s the Second Tab with 70+ attributes per panel. Note that some of the data fields on the site have commas, so those will need to be replaced with backslash. Also, not every panel has every attribute so you will need to insert “N/A” in those situations. The site is Please confirm…

hotels data scraping

Project Title: Scraping Online Pricing from Hotel Booking Site Project Description: Requirement: against a list of up to 1000 hotels we need information to assist in price strategy. Therefore, for each hotel and room type we provide, we need current online pricing for that hotel as shown on 1. their hotel website 2. 3. Jumia and 4.Expedia. Flexibility: to easily scrape against 1 or… Scraping

Project Title: Manufacturing Companies Email Database Project Description: I am looking for emails for Manufacturing companies in the United States. What can you offer? Would I be able to get email, name, title, company, website, etc? I have a few questions: 1. Will these me only US based emails? 2. How long will the project take once I process the Paypal payment? 3. I would…

Narijuana Dispensaries, Deliveries, Doctors Database

Project Title: Marijuana Dispensaries, Deliveries and Doctors Email Database Project Description: How much do you charge for your Weedmaps webscrape What is the best way to pay for that? Also and to confirm, you’ll provide information for the following across Weedmaps? Marijuana Dispensaries Marijuana Deliveries Marijuana Doctors Database With Business Name Address City State Postal Code Phone Email Star Rating Total Number of Reviews Hits…

hotels data scraping

Project Title: Scraping Data from and Project Description: We are looking for data scraped from and which gives room prices for set properties over a two to five year time frame. Do you keep historic data? Can you also quote for the cost of scraping this data. For similar work requirement feel free to email us on