Month: March 2019

web scraping

Project Title: Java Program to Scrape Bet365 Odds Project Description: Java program for scraping bet365 odds, and formatting them, for all markets: cost and time Have you ever developed a Java program in past? If yes, please share some case study with us for review. We are looking for someone who is an experienced and has an expertise with this work. For similar work requirements…

restaurants email list

Project Title: Scraping Restaurants at Multiple Location from Yelp Project Description: I have more clients interested in scraping yelp. What kind of discount can you give me for multiple locations? Also, in the previous data, we are missing the $$$ rating for all the restaurants. Can we get that field? It is very important to the client that ordered the data. Looking forward to receive…

craigslist scraper

Project Title: Manage and Scrape Craigslist Project Description: Return data including the contact info (name, phone, & email). This will be an ongoing project if you can successfully produce the results. Sample search: Also, let us know about the price required for the project. Thank you. For similar work requirements feel free to email us on


Project Title: Scraping Store Locations from Store Locator Domains Project Description: Scrape store locations from a few hundred store locator domains. Currently working with 2 other vendors but bottle-necked so need to add a third. Potential to increase from a few hundred to a few thousand. Brief us about your company and its services to proceed ahead. For similar work requirements feel free to email…

data mining

Project Title: Scraping Arizona NMLs Database Project Description: Looking for a quote on getting: NMLS # First Name Last Name Office Email address for every NMLS# registered in Arizona. Do you have a database ready for the same? If so, how much does it costs? Awaiting your response!! For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

Mar Data Scraping

Project Title: Scraping Data from Project Description: We are interested in seeing if we can get Federal Business Opp data ( webscraped. Can someone please contact us? The attached file shows the fields we want to capture from the scraping effort (the attached file contains data captured manually thru copy/paste). In addition we should capture/create the following fields/data as columns in the data set…


Project Title: Scraping Personal Data and Contact Details Project Description: I need a scrapper that can get me person name, age, telephone and address. I require this data from Canada and we can start with a city at the moment. Would you be able to share past sample of your similar work to review? It would be great if you also send me the approx…


Project Title: Scraping Business Data from PagesJaunes Project Description: We are planning to extract all the business from directory. And, would like to get an estimate about the cost and time that will be required to scrape entire directory. To have a review of your capabilities; initially we would like to scrape a single city and if satisfied, we will move with other cities….


Project Title: Scraping 4 Million Leads Project Description: I have a request, which I send to you and your competitors to make a specific scraping of more than 4 million leads for our company. The details will share if you reply properly. Send your reply with basic information about your company and services it provides. Also, let me know your solutions and approach for scraping….


Project Title: Scrape Emails of Realtors in USA Project Description: Hello, I’m looking to find someone that can help me scrape email addresses of realtors in markets all over the U.S. where we have properties. I need to be able to scrape email addresses from the real estate office website so that I can get as many emails as possible of local realtors. I’m not…